Monday, February 18, 2013

What's In The Bag?

A lot of folks ask me what I carry in my birth bag, so I thought I'd share this image from today as I was packing up for my upcoming birth.
 Now I'm not the kind of doula that spends the entire labor pulling tools and tricks out of my bag, but because labor can be so unpredictable, I find it's important to carry a lot of this stuff with me just in case. What I have includes (in no particular order):
  • Massage tools: Nukkles, an Omni ball, several sizes of balls inside of socks, heated "stones", a foot roller, and a hollow rolling pin.  
  • Bath pillow, fully sterilizable.
  • Stress ball and comb for accupressure/hand rolling
  • Covered kneeler pad (also washable)
  • Flip flops and a change of clothes for me (just in case)
  • Microwavable brley pack - both scented and unscented depending on client's preference
  • Massage oil, lotion, peppermint spritz, and several essential oils for light aromatherapy
  • A compact fan (a client favorite for transition and second stage)
  • Hair clips/pins and ponytail elastics
  • 5 Hour Energy (disgusting but effective)
  • Battery-lit LED candles
  • Extra lip balm for mama or me
  • Sustenance for me (I never want to look at a granola bar after a birth)
  • Extra toiletries for me
  • Birth ball (not pictured) and air pump
  • A "pull toy" for 2nd stage... this was an idea given to me by another doula several years ago
  • Medical gloves in case of roadside delivery (hasn't happened so far)
  • The Labor Progress Handbook (aka, cheat sheet)
  • Client file and numbers for me to call if I need to reschedule appointments
Again, I don't use 90% of this stuff during a single labor, but you never know!

....and it all fits into one bag!!

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