Saturday, September 1, 2012


Greetings, readers!

Welcome to Spiraling Outwards, a venue where I can share birthy news and research while adding some commentary and "doula slant".

I almost didn't start a blog at all. It's tricky business for us doulas. Most of us tow the line between being non-judgmental and highly opinionated on an almost daily basis. We want to be able to present information without a whole lot of bias, giving our clients factual information to help them make decisions that are going to work for them, not us. But given the long, drawn-out rants I've been attaching to reposts on my Facebook page as of late, I decided to just go ahead and attach my business name to a blog.

I have another personal blog, and I also write for RH Reality Check and other related reproductive health news and commentary sites. However, those tend to deal with reproductive health issues that don't always have to do with childbirth and breastfeeding, though I may cross-post some of those here. I am a very political person in my "non-doula" life, and while that's just an inherent part of who I am, I try to keep things more or less apolitical in the birthing room; this goes back to my desire to be the doula for every kind of person, regardless of background, religious belief, political affiliation, etc. So don't expect things to get terribly "polarizing" here.

Comments are more than welcome, as is sharing any content in full or part (with proper credit, of course). All I ask is that people remain respectful. Comments containing hate speech or oppressive language will be promptly deleted (if you don't know the difference between non-oppressive language and just plain "political correctness", a brief primer is available here). I may also remove comments that cite bunk research... sorry, but that's just a big pet peeve. So that's about it. Welcome to Spiraling Outwards!!

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